Online slot machines proved to be such a wonder at delivering profound entertainment to players. As such, they became punters’ top choice among a variety of games at casinos. Indeed, the pleasurable simplicity they are willingly showcasing translates in a superb way to relax your mind and win cash prizes along the way! Not to mention, the variety of slots simply impress – you can find any kind of theme, from classic fruit slots to video movie-like stories.

While a lot of your success in playing slots depends on whether you are in the good graces of the Lady Luck, there are still a whole bunch of ways to boost your winning chances. So why don’t you up your slot game right away by familiarising yourself with the following quick tips? Trust us, they are meant to pave your way to hitting big wins and handsome jackpots.

Pinpoint your main goal

The first thing to decide upon is whether you aspire to scoop a huge jackpot in the long run or you are quite content with getting modest yet immediate and frequent sums in winning payouts.

To elaborate on this, slots referred to like games with high volatility are intended to unlock massive wins including life-changing jackpots. We suspect, now you are thinking you have got to be all over those volatile beasts like a bad suit, right? Well, hold your horses and consider the following.

Although high volatile slots are potentially highly rewarding, they appear to be very risky. Therefore, you have to be financially and emotionally prepared to come through a long stretch of barren spins and lost funds. However, by sticking to this kind of fruitless playtime patiently, you expose yourself to good odds of hitting a huge winning prize as a long-term scenario.

Low volatile games, on the other hand, will reward you with repeated prizes of a humble nature. On the bright side, these type of slots will not drain your bankroll fast meaning you will be able to spin for a much longer time.

Check the game’s RTP

When choosing a game, make sure it is not going to rob you. To this end, check the game’s RTP (Return to Player). The higher the figure, the better the chances of enjoying a genuinely lucrative playtime.

It’s worth mentioning that a recommended RTP rate offered by a slot machine should not sink lower than 95%.

Where RTP rates are listed? Well, this information is usually revealed on the official website of the game’s producer. Or there is a simpler way to find it out. To illustrate it, let’s say you wish to know the RTP of the Berry Burst Max slot game. All you need to do is google: ‘Berry Burst Max RTP’, and voilà! In the blink of the eye, the numbers emerge and you see that this fruit slot machine comes with the 96.1% RTP rate.

Have a look at the game’s pay table

A pay table can speak volumes of the game’s winning potential. This is why by quickly running through the payouts offered by different symbols you will understand whether or not the game is worth your attention.

Furthermore, a useful piece of information for you is that a game’s pay table can also contain the information suggestive of the volatility (or variance) of the slot. That said, compare the difference between the rewards yielded by 5 of a kind combos and 4 of a kind ones. If this gap adds up to 10-15 times, then be sure that the game has high volatility.

Make sure a slot comes with a rewarding bonus game

There is a feature in the games that is credited with the power of taking your winning chances right to the stars! We are speaking about a bonus round in slots so fiercely relished by punters. With that being said, not tapping into the potency of the feature in question equates to committing a crime in gambling.

But the bottom line is that while some bonus games offer an immense winning potential, others are more mediocre and dull. So by doing your homework and pinpointing a bonus round that brims with benefits and opportunities, you can make a great difference to your playtime.

The worthwhile features of the bonus round to look for are multipliers (the bigger the better, of course), stacked and spreading wilds, bonus retriggers and for those who have got real guts – double up games!

Choose a slot with a double up game

There is a fantastic feature of doubling up your win by playing an easy guessing game. To be more specific, if you manage to guess the color of the card in the double up game, your win increases twofold. As you see, your chances of success add up to a handsome 50% and this is why there is no reason why you should not take advantage of this quite predictable and rewarding bonus round.

You might say it is risky. Well, you are absolutely right, this is exactly what gambling is all about. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, as they say!

Don’t go beyond your limits

We know how a particular slot can hook you up, engross you and have you spin till the point when your cupboard is bare.

Well, remember that you have a contrary goal, which is to become a lucky winner, to be sitting pretty and enjoy! This is why make sure that you set certain limits and do not succumb to crossing the line.

Tap into awesome promotions to practice

There are distinguished gambling platforms like WildTornado Bitcoin and real money casino, where you can try out slots, including fruit slots machines, free of charge. This is by no means a bad idea to play for free!  By doing this, you will be able to get to know what the game is like, familiarise yourself with the frequency of triggering bonuses and simply to have a bit of fun.

Also, there is another way to learn a game without spending your personal funds. Let us explain!

Playing in a free mode feels nothing like playing for real money when your senses are bombarded with a feast of feelings and emotions. Many will agree that only then could you enjoy all the greatness of the game of chance.

That said, practicing with bonuses from reputable casinos (reputable!) is all that you need! We recommend checking out the awesome promotions at the WildTornado casino – the choice that will never fail you.

In conclusion…

Online slots have all that it takes to get your life out of the mundane and catapult it straight to the fun! But for this fun to last, you have to make a bit of effort. In other words, by going with the flow and relying on mere luck, the odds are you may end up not exactly where you’d wish to be.

So don’t hesitate to use these best tips and beef up your playtime right away!

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