By saying yes to the thrilling world of casino games, you automatically accept the idea of expending a great deal of your money. Well, you certainly receive something in return for your cash, but what you get is not necessarily related to profit. In fact, over time you at least are supposed to get your money back as this is how RTP works, but you never know when it will happen. Sadly, more often than not it does not happen overnight.

Furthermore, the thing that makes sure that the odds are stacked not in your favor in casinos is well known in the circles of the gambling community as a house edge.

To break it down, a house edge is a specific percentage of each of your wager that goes into the pocket of a casino. That’s a shame, isn’t it? Well, don’t forget that casinos are businesses and their mission is to rake it in! And boy, we must admit that they do it amazingly well by holding all the aces in the shape of a house edge.

The question of how to beat that wretched house edge has been tantalizing the minds of the brightest players since the dawn of the gambling industry. While in the majority of cases it appears virtually an impossible task, some gambling whizz-kids did manage to get pretty close to achieving impossible. And as it stands, they often accomplished their feats not without the means of cheating. For example, who didn’t hear of those infamous players who count cards at Blackjack?

Well, we are not going to teach you cheating as we have something much better in store for you! We are referring to some easy tricks that will teach you how to bring your A game and thus increase your winning odds substantially.

Here they are!

Learning the rules is a must

This is regarded as a rule of thumb that applies to each game with no exception. While some of the top casino games are quite straightforward and easy to grasp, others will take some time to be learned.

The bottom line is that sometimes the game seems to be a no-brainer and therefore you jump into gameplay without reading the rules. Then, way too late you realize you passed up some good winning chances because you were not aware of one bloody rule.

To illustrate this, let’s have a look at Blackjack. Often people think they know the basics and they are good to go. But what they do not realize is that there are a couple of extra rules that they’d better be aware of as these can really come in handy at a specific point during the game. For instance, there is an opportunity to win twice as much as your initial wager at particular stages at Blackjack.

Well, if the stakes are high, doubling up your wager can make all the difference. So it’d be a shame if you missed out on a great winning chance just because you didn’t take time to familiarize yourself with the game’s rules.

Stick to games with a minimal house edge

As far as the casino’s advantage is concerned, different games come with different house edge rates. The best thing to do is to choose those games that have the lowest house edge figures. By doing this, you cut down on your overall losses and thus contribute to your long-term winning chances significantly. As easy as that!

Below are the top casino games that come with the smallest house edge numbers:

  1. Blackjack (0.28% – 1,5%)
  2. Craps (1.4% – 5%)
  3. Baccarat ( from 1.06%)
  4. Video Poker (0.46% – 4.42%)
  5. Pai GowPoker (1.46%)
  6. Slots ( from 2%)

By opting for one of the mentioned above games you will decrease the house edge of a casino and as a result, you will save a good deal of your cash for making a wager that will ultimately do the trick!

Pursue a Jackpot with Top Casino Games

If you strive to land fairy-tale riches in a casino, the sure-fire way to achieve this goal is going after a massive jackpot. Many will argue against this idea by saying that your jackpot winning odds are not big. But hold on! If you don’t try, you don’t have any chance whatsoever.

What we would discourage you from is diving headlong in pursuing that massive win. Instead, use a certain part of your gambling budget for some of the worthiest jackpot games. This way you will not deprive yourself of an opportunity to make a fortune, and at the same time, you will not drain your bankroll.

The below-listed games are likely to work best in terms of chasing jackpots:

  • Slots
  • Keno
  • Caribbean Stud Poker
  • Video Poker

Learn the ropes of more complex games

Speaking about card games, there is an interesting thing to point out: the harder the game, the lower the house edge. Then, the lower the house edge, the greater the chances of success!

To elaborate on this, let’s have a look at Casino War. It is a piece of cake to get hold of this game and this is why we advise steering clear of it.

Blackjack is a different kettle of fish though. In this game, it is crucial to adopt a strategy and by doing this you acquire better winning chances.

The casino’s advantage on Casino War and Blackjack are strikingly different. While the figure for the former adds up to 2.33%, the number for the latter is between 0.28% and 1%. Therefore, by opting for Casino Wars you are likely to lose 7 times as much funds as you’d expect to lose opting for Blackjack.

So make wise decisions when you choose a game. As they say, as you make your bed, so you must lie on it!


As you can see, enhancing your winning odds in casino games boils down to being well-prepared, making wise decisions, and acquiring certain skills. While this all will not give you the upper hand over the casino, it will drastically beef up your gameplay and as a result, let you reap more fruitful rewards!

And for the final, we urge you to play top casino games for free. It will help you get hold of the game’s mechanics and perfect your strategy. If you are wondering which casino you should choose, the answer is a respectable one. We can vouch for the WildTornado Casino – an online gambling platform with the games portfolio that is simply second to none! Be sure this place showcases all the best features of gambling experience.

Now, as you have come up to speed on the best tricks aimed at winning at casinos, it’s time to bring your A game and scoop one hell of a win!

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