Today we invite you to delve into the fantastic realm of BTC gambling, but first, let’s us briefly touch on Bitcoin – a wonder of the 21st century!

It took 7 long years of Bitcoin’s existence until it finally came from obscurity in late 2017 and we have to admit that it did it with such a great panache. From that time on Bitcoin became synonymous with extra security, strong independence and pure transparency of financial transactions. As such, it has proved to be a great substitute for conventional banks that are often unreliable, corrupt and dependant on failing economies.

Bitcoin sprang to life due to Blockchain – the groundbreaking technology that also produced a wide array of other famous cryptos, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, to name a few. And when the most celebrated multinationals in the world – eBay, Microsoft, Amazon, Samsung, Wal-Mart, and Starbucks – are eagerly embracing the mentioned above cryptos, it becomes clear that the day when cryptocurrency will go into the mainstream is just around the corner.

The field where crypto has been riding on the crest of the success wave for a couple of years on end is online gambling. As it stands, Bitcoin is a perfect match for online casinos as with its successful penetration into the field in question, gambling was taken to an entirely new level.

Let us walk you through the standing out features inherent in Bitcoin, the ones that make a world of difference to your gambling life.

Absolute privacy

To be able to bet and withdraw winnings in traditional online gambling platforms, a player is compelled to provide a casino with his/her personal information. Many find this condition rather unfavorable and are reluctant to reveal their personal details. This kind of attitude is often explained by the sad fact that some gaming websites are involved in phishing, and even with their privacy policies in place, the truth is that you are not immune to the fraudulent behavior of skillful scammers.

On the bright side, there is Bitcoin and other cryptos that can save your bacon! In other words, betting with cryptocurrency eliminates the need for sharing your personal data. All you need to do to enjoy the utmost freedom and independence while gambling is to provide a Bitcoin gambling site with your BTC wallet address. As simple as that!

Hassle-free transactions

The issue a gambler stumbles upon in fiat money online casinos is the inability to make a quick withdrawal of their cash winnings. Usually, it takes up to a week (in some cases even more time) for this procedure to be done and dusted. With Bitcoin, however, the issue in question magically goes out the window. All crypto transactions are prompt and easy, taking not more than 20 minutes to be completed. In addition to this, Bitcoin makes sure your transaction is completely transparent, which secures the level of highly safe gambling experience.

The advantage of cheap gambling

Whereas as far as gambling is concerned, you have to fork out for your pleasure, Bitcoin gambling will take care of your finances. To be more specific, cryptocurrency enables you to reduce transaction fees substantially.

The bottom line is that Bitcoin is not supervised by third parties who have to be paid for dealing with transactions. Unlike conventional money, it is a self-regulated type of currency. This means that instead of paying huge fees to banks or other relevant institutions in traditional casinos, you can opt for being charged with very modest fees in Bitcoin gambling dens. These minimal sums of money cover the work of those who maintain Blockchain.

That said, it seems obvious that in terms of expenses the gambling scales are tipped in favor of Bitcoin gambling sites.

Finally, another upside to gambling with cryptocurrency is that you are not subject to any withdrawal restrictions. This means you can cash out your sizeable chunk of cash winnings right away and in one go!

Bitcoin erases limitations

If you love gambling but are unlucky to live in a country where it is illegal, the good news is that with Bitcoin this restrictive legislation does not affect you.

It is not uncommon that players coming from places where gambling is not allowed, sign up at online casinos by providing fake personal details. Driven by their gaming passion, they cannot help but succumb to this kind of schemes. What happens next is they are having the time of their lives by playing fun games.

However, this seemingly great gambling experience inevitably comes with a sting in the tail. We are referring to the issue of cashouts. To elaborate on this, according to the casino rules, in order to be able to withdraw wins, players are obliged to provide a casino with additional documents that prove their identity. Otherwise, their wins will be declared void.

So what happens to those wretched players with fake identities? Right, they will never get their hands on the money they won. It will simply not fly with online casinos. Sad, isn’t it?

But, as we have already mentioned, Bitcoin perfectly deals with the issue in question. In a cryptocurrency casino, there is no need for your identity to be revealed. So you do not need to worry when playing with BTC, the only thing reserved for you is the enjoyment of playtime and pure freedom!

Access to Provably Fair Gambling Via Best Bitcoin Gambling Sites

Another great perk offered by Bitcoin gambling sites to players is access to the most secure gaming environment where each bet and its outcome in a game can be verified. This becomes possible with the Blockchain technology, i.e the public ledger unsusceptible to human intervention. As such, it is immune to fraudulent maneuvers, and so are crypto games that operate on it.

BGaming is a highly reputable games software provider that successfully incorporated the Provably Fair Technology into its games. Some of its smashing titles adored by the better part of the demanding gambling community are Aztech Magic Deluxe, Brave Viking, Fire Lightning, Book of Pyramids, Platinum Lightning Deluxe, and the list will go on! It’s also worth mentioning Heads and Tails – their latest snazzy title that blew punters away.

Further to this, a ton of other provably fair games can be accessed through the leading games software producers, such as Play’N Go, BetSoft, Pragmatic, Endorphina, and Belatra. The WildTormado Bitcoin casino is home to provably fair games by all of the mentioned above providers, including BGaming.

So if you are intended to capitalize on all the benefits of playing Bitcoin games, make sure you do it at a licensed Bitcoin casino! Avoid dubious websites like the plague if you don’t want stress in your life. WildTornado casino is an epitome of the outstanding gambling experience, where they provide players with a stellar Bitcoin games portfolio and hassle-free entertainment.

In conclusion…

Bitcoin gambling is a relatively new phenomenon in the gaming world. For its short existence, however, it revolutionized the whole concept of online games. Crypto gambling is brimming with a feast of absolutely unique features, and thus crushingly beats any other form of gaming entertainment.

So if you are not reaping the rewards of the BTC gambling, chances are you are missing something really great in your life.

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