Slots, more often than not, display an RTP percentage which determines whether the slot game is of high variance or of low variance. The volatility determines how much risk a player is taking when depositing real cash into the slot game.

Low volatility slots tend to pay out lower percentages, but players will find that type of slot games also pay out on a more frequent basis.

Slot Variance at Online Casinos

High variance slots tend to pay out higher amounts less frequently and are usually the bigger jackpot slot games. The best high variance slots are usually played by high stakes members or high rollers as they usually required a chunk of change before paying out, the amount of risk is higher but winnings are also significantly greater.

Low variance slots tend to be more popular amongst the majority of online players and as a result, low variance slots games offer a wider variety of themed games. The slot variance only becomes of importance to players with a longstanding relationship with slots and once understood has the potential to positively impact a player’s winning outcome.

Variance slots have been created by leading software developers for two separate niches, each holding an appeal of their own and attracting two kinds of slots players.

The Variance of High Volatility Slots

High variance slot machines are often considered to be anything above a 98% RTP percentage, however it is not always the case. The return to player is a percentage a slot game will payout from wagers made. Players can usually determine which variance slots they prefer based on the RTP’s published on online casino sites.

The higher the volatility, the higher the risk involved in losing bets placed. Even though payouts are larger and more impressive than low variance slots, winning combinations take longer to land and can often lead to players becoming impatient and moving onto a low variance slots game just to see a small payout.

High volatility slots are recommended for players with patience, preference and a substantial bankroll with a thirst for remarkable winnings. The variance of high volatility slots may be intimidating for players who are used to low variance slots, however, they are ideal for those looking to kick back and maintain the repetitive motion of spinning the reels. Just as players think they should move onto the next game, the magic happens and the rewards that are paid out are well worth the wait, more rewarding than payouts of lower variance slots.

How to Work Out a Game’s Volatility

The volatility of slots cannot be 100% determined, but players can look at a paytable to determine whether or not the variance is high or low. If impressively huge rewards are at stake, it is an indicator of high volatility. Although a higher variance slot game may require a bigger budget, it’s certainly worth the wager as well as the time, especially when those winning combinations fill the reels and substantially boost players’ bankrolls.

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