The ancient land surrounding the River Nile is perhaps one of the main reasons why ancient Egypt slots have become very popular online in the recent past. You’ll understand the weight of this statement after you’ve gone through game portfolios of different online casinos and see that ancient Egypt slot games dominate over the other themes in the slot release section.

The Egypt Story Slots – Why are They So Popular Online?

Because of their increased popularity, we have decided to give you a breakdown of some of the reasons why these games are widely popular online.

New Video Slot Games with Ancient Egypt Classic Slot Tend To Have High Variance

Slot games with a high variance imply that they come with very high risks. And the majority of the ancient Egypt classic slot games come bearing this feature. The high risk, high rewards feature attracts a huge number of players, especially the high rollers and professional gamblers who are known to spend big on different games.

Steady Release of Games from Multiple Game Developers

Due to the increased popularity of the Egyptian themed slots, the game developer is always looking to release new game titles to capture the increasing number of slot players online. In the process of doing this, they include more innovative features in the slot release, meaning that you’ll have a constant supply of games based on this theme.

Winning Opportunities

Due to the high popularity, each game developer is striving to offer something out of the ordinary in their new video slot games based on the Egyptian theme. This includes releasing new slot launch games with progressive jackpots, which result in bigger winning opportunities. As you scheme through lists of ancient Egypt slot game offerings, you’ll realize that some of these new slot launch games contain words such as ‘Cleopatra’, ‘The Nile’ which is combined with ‘Treasure’. Do you think this is such a big coincidence? No?

High Paying Bonuses and Exciting Rewards

Each game developer online also has ensured that their new video slot games are also accompanied with in-game features such as free spins, multipliers, bonus rounds among other features. With such features in the new slot launch, players tend to win even with small bets placed – a factor that results into an increase in popularity of the Egypt story slots.

Other features that you’ll come across in the Egypt story slot games include:

  • Pick to win offers
  • Pick to match games

It, therefore, goes without saying that staking big may benefit you especially if you are lucky to trigger any one of these bonuses.

Start spinning new game releases at top casinos

Trying out a new game from a different game developer is always an interesting option. Be it the AGames, Egypt story slots or other thematic slots, fun should always be guaranteed. Talking about new slot release, you can choose from the likes of new video slots, such as Tales of Egypt, Ancient Egypt classic, Leprechaun Goes Egypt, Egypt Gods and many more. Top online casinos are offering you the opportunity of getting on the action and winning big with their umpteen bonuses in these high variance Egypt story slot games. So don’t miss a new slot launch from a top game developer, it may have you keep coming back for more fun and action!

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