One of the most intriguing aspects of each New Year is looking forward to some of the trends that will take place in the next couple of months. 2019 is no different as the global gaming industry, and more specifically the gambling industry and gaming industry expect a lot of change.

Top 10 Gaming Trends for 2019

The gambling industry is expected to exhibit incredible growth, as much as the gaming industry. If you are wondering what some of these gaming trends are, then we’ve taken the liberty to enlist the most important gaming trends in this page.

Artificial Intelligence Foundation

A recent survey carried out by Gartner indicated that just over 45% of online casinos have already made progress in piloting AI solutions. And if it is used correctly in 2019, AI can change the face of both the gaming industry and gambling industry. It can do this by enhancing decision making, re-shaping business models and the industry as a whole.

This will be achieved by working closely with wearable technology, which will bring gaming closer to the player – more than ever before. Already, some online casinos have their real money games offered through the iPhone smartwatch applications.

More Payment Options

This is perhaps one of the most important gaming trends given that it has made it possible for online casinos to diversify and tap into the technology offered by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In 2019, casinos with such payment options will endeavor to offer the ultimate transparency and fairness.

Increased Gamification

Gamification was one of the interesting gaming trends in the global gaming industry in 2018. In 2019, you should expect it to extend far and beyond what it has been offering. Expect to see an increasing number of top casino games using more power-ups, avatars, storylines, and narratives to boost player interaction.

Skill Based Gaming

Over the past few years, skill-based games have been identified as trending games and in 2019, players should expect more from the same. The continuous improvement in technology has given birth to a new crop of online slots that come with multi-player action and different bonus games. These bonuses can only be unlocked after you perform a certain action during gameplay.

Intelligent Apps and Analytics

It’s expected that every gaming application in 2019 will incorporate some elements of AI at some level. The result will be a layer between systems and people that will transform the nature of gaming, especially when it comes to how gamers will interact with some of these games. In 2018, there were some top online casino games that had already tried out the AI and Analytics features and we should, therefore, expect to see more this year.

Other most important gaming trends that we expect to see in some of the top 10 online casino games in the gambling industry  at the end of the year include:

  • Digital Twin Technology: A technology that will be used in asset management to offer insights on how games can be played and bettered. IoTs will play a significant role in achieving this.
  • Conversational Platforms: This one is based on the user experience. What this technology will do is to transfer the hassle of having to translate the intent from the player to the computer. This will better the overall gaming experience.
  • VR Will Get Even Bigger: There’s no surprise here to be quite honest! While Virtual Reality has been considered as gimmicky technology over the past few years, in recent times, it has come into its own, becoming one of the most important gaming trends in 2018. And in the gambling industry, we can see it in casino top 10 games such as Gonzo’s Quest, Jack and the Beanstalk among many others. In 2019, we expect it to be fully developed and incorporated as mobile technology was a few years ago.
  • Improvements In The Live Dealer Casino Platform: Live dealer casino games exploded in popularity in the recent past and they continue to develop. In 2019, we expect an improvement in the live dealer games and the platform in general. Expect them to function better than before on smartphones and offer more games that are more graphically appealing.
  • eSports Gaming: Closing our list for the most important gaming trends in 2019 is eSports gaming. These games are spreading like wildfire and they’ve garnered plenty of players from across the world, looking to win massive prizes.

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