A slot machine proves to be a bona fide wonder at offering a restorative and lucrative break from the daily work-and-home routine. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that millions of gamblers around the world got hooked on the fun and rewarding elements that slot games are all about.

Types of Slot Players

What Type Of Slot Machine Player Are You

Much like in life we all are well familiar with the wise words enclosed in the proverb:  “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”, in gambling different slot players treat this philosophy on very different levels. While some punters will prefer to aggressively sink their teeth into an online game by risking big chunks of money, others will choose to play cautiously with limited cash. Lastly, there are those who are somewhere in between.

So the above-mentioned roughly comes down to deducing 3 types of slot players:

  • Daredevil player
  • Conservative player
  • Tender player

Let’s run through each of them in more detail so that every slot player can discover their true nature!

Find Your Slot Player Type

Daredevil player

Is it the case that you can’t help succumbing to big risks when you feel the smell of ample payouts? And perhaps it rings a bell that a massive jackpot is calling on you so sweetly that you are eager to make a lavish investment into the game? If you see your reflection in the aforementioned words, then you fancy living one hell of adventure in your life and you can call yourself a daredevil player.

As far as daredevil players are concerned, they will easily fall for a slot machine with a progressive jackpot. Such sort of games pay out like nobody’s business – millions are at stake! The odds of hitting it this big are quite lean, yet daredevil players will not hesitate to hit the max bet button many times to make the most of their sizzling spins. As a daredevil gamer, you will want to get your hands on Mega Moolah or Mega Moolah Isis slots online, for instance. In spite of the fact that these slots involve the risks categorized as ‘extremely high”, they nurtured a whole bunch of multi-millionaires.

Conservative player

When it comes to a conservative slot player, the mind conjures up the image of one of the most celebrated sculptures in the world, Auguste Rodin’s Thinker. Now, look at the picture of this bronze man, and then in the mirror, ask yourself if you notice any similarities?

With jokes aside, conservative players do take the time to carefully consider all ups  and downs of playing at a particular online casino. While they certainly do not mind enjoying themselves, they are not willing to pay a lot for their fun. Furthermore, they get a bang out of spinning the reels, but cash prizes are not their biggest priority.

So does this sound like you? If you are not sure yet, read the following!

A conservative player will wish to test their luck with some risks involved, yet will be quite content with average prizes. It doesn’t imply a “thinker” will not aim at winning decent money, it just means that the enjoyment of the process itself will still do the trick for them. Conservative players will appreciate the variety of themes and by all means, avoid boredom. Therefore, titles like Tomb Raider, Immortal Romance, Avalon, and Thunderstruck II will be exactly their cup of tea.

Careful player

Do you relish playing online slot machines, but do not intend to spend a lot of cash to have the time of your life? Do you dig the times when you get great value for modest investment? If this suits you, you are more than likely to be a careful player.

Careful players will opt for the slots featuring low stake options, yet capable of keeping punters amused for a longer time at an insignificant expense. Therefore, this group of slot players will be drawn to the slots with not many paylines and small minimal wager options. Such a choice will result in mediocre payouts, which, however, will not bother them whatsoever as they barely lose amounts that could make them tear their hair.

It will be a great idea for conservative players to try their luck with the slots online creations such as Blood Suckers, Cool Buck, and Esqueleto Explosivo. This type of slot machines swarms with hot action as well as offers a low-risk playtime. Therefore, it is safe to say that every slot player who falls into the group of conservative gamers will find the true value in these entertaining games.

So what kind of player are you? Spare a thought for the benefits that can be derived from each group of slot players, and remember as a long-time and thus, virtually professional player, you can always juggle all of the 3 categories when you wish to satisfy a particular need of yours.

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