The Early Days of Casino Fruit Slots

Why Are Fruit Slots Always Fun to Play

Since the introduction of slot machine games, fruit slots have been around. They are the oldest most popular slot games available to casino players and remain amongst the most played genre of all time.

The evolution of slot machines began when 3 reeled slots were introduced into land-based casinos which then evolved into something far more versatile and brilliant…online casino gaming. 5 reeled video slots were then a craze and a massive hit for players but throughout all the recent developments made in online gaming, fruit slot machine games have always remained a favourite.

Classic fruit slots are created with 3 reels and symbols of various fruit which are usually accompanied with a lucky 7 symbol for great rewards. Many slots for fun play are designed based on the classic fruity slots with additional features to modernize the game for fruit slot machine devotees.

When fruit slots were introduced, they became all the rage of casino establishments, immediately creating a fantastic reputation which led to the idea of creating various slots games introducing themes and additional paylines. The fruity symbols were introduced back in 1902 and consisted of the famous ‘Bar’ symbol followed by cherries, lemons, oranges, watermelons, and apples. Lucky 7s were later on introduced, adding more variety to the game and increasing winning combination percentages, players immediately became enthralled by the game which led to the popularity of Lucky 7s.

No one would have guessed that, through technology and the evolution of slot machine games, classic slots would remain and hold the same amount of popularity they did at birth. With developers creating new versions of the game, fruity slots devotees can imagine what the futuristic outcome of the popular game will be through virtual gaming and the development of modern technology.

Fruity Slots for Everyone

The entire online gaming realm knows the value of fruit slots machine games and as a result gaming giants like Microgaming and NetEnt have created some of the most successful recreations of the most historical fruit slots. This creates an unimaginable amount of variety for fruit slots fans resulting in fruity slots for everyone!

Modern vs. Classic – Fruit Slots Casino Options

Usually divided into two categories, fruit slots are classed under modern or classic. The classic version of fruit slots online games are designed with 3 reels and imitate the exact symbols found in the first slot machine games released to land-based casinos. Although somewhat less fascinating than modernized fruit slots games, players still have a taste for the originality of the casino game resulting in many online casinos adopting classic fruit slots as an option.

The modern version of a fruit machine game involves 5 reels, additional symbols – usually also fruit images, bonus features, and bonus games which are unlocked through a series of winning combinations. Graphics are enhanced, various themes are available for selection and players are treated to the best modern technology has allowed developers to use to enhance the very best qualities of classic slot games.

Classic fruity games are considered to be high versatile video slots as landing winning combinations aren’t as easy as playing modern slots with more symbols and winning opportunities. Because of the volatility of fruity slots games, landing a winning combination pays out far greater than modern video slots, but this is also dependant on the gaming developer.

In conclusion, fruity slots have and always will be a favourite amongst slots enthusiasts and no matter what preference one might have when it comes to slots games, there is something fun for everyone to play!

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